Wil Hampton has accepted a position with 21ology.com in Noblesville as a Client Development Specialist. The unique nature of the position with 21ology allows Hampton to remain on the Board at NewDay Recovery Network as its Vice President of Development.

“My role is admittedly unique. I will be able to continue to help lead NewDay while working under 21ology.com in my hometown,” Hampton said, “We will engage a team of support at 21ology.com to enrich the marketing strategy at NewDay which is exactly what 21ology does for all of its clients and what NewDay needs. I’m excited to now serve in both capacities.”

NewDay is a faith-based drug addiction counseling center that began operation in July of 2017 in Indianapolis. Working for 21ology.com, Hampton will be responsible for growing the company’s service platform and developing new business, but NewDay is Wil’s top priority.

“We are delighted to add a client like NewDay – a company dedicated to helping those in dire need,” said James Hogan, President and CEO of 21ology.com. “Having Wil join our team and remain onboard at NewDay is a new and unique adventure for all of us – and a testament to our company’s vision of being a 21st century business innovator.”

Hampton is also the District 4 representative on the Noblesville Common Council and a longtime Noblesville resident. He believes the time is right for this type of move. “First off, 21ology.com is a growing business that sits in the heart of District 4. My commute time went from about 45 minutes to four.” Hampton said with a smile. “but in all seriousness, I’m excited to be able to remain focused on helping those suffering with addictions find treatment, while at the same time helping a tech-savvy Noblesville company grow.”  

The 21ology.com office is located in the historic Federal Hill School House building at the corner of Logan and Lakeview. Hampton began his new job on April 23, 2018. Wil and his wife Becky have three children and live in Noblesville.